Pharisee He Doesn’t See

They see their sin because they aren’t under grace. Their righteousness is of their own, through what they know. They once didn’t see their sin, but have fallen from grace walking in what they know. They know by what they heard not hearing. They aren’t abiding in the new covenant of grace. The letter of the law condemns kills, the spirit that came after Christ went to the cross gives grace and life.

This describes the Jews that don’t believe Christ died for their sins. It also describes someone that knows the word and doesn’t continue in it. Continuing in it means reading it daily. Our daily bread feeds the soul. If you starve your soul it will die.

Pharisees study but only the old if they are a Jew. This makes them a scholar of the law but of the shed blood they have no clue. There is power in that blood to cleanse away all sin. The red letters in new testament represent the blood once you start to read them they will cover you. Faith comes by reading the word. There’s an anionting that comes when you read it to study. Studying shows you to be approved by God. Because you are hungering and thrusting after righteousness. This is you’re reading to really get to know God. You are wanting a relationship. Not just reading to read. You will see the truth and it will set you free. Scriptures bring eternal life, by cleansing you of unrighteousness and bring conviction to keep you from sin.

A Pharisee looks good on the outside but inside is unclean.

So many that don’t open the Bible say I’m a good person God will save me. But, they are just like that Pharisee going by what they know and have heard. Not by what they are hearing.

Now ask yourself. Do I see, or am I a Pharisee? I once was blind but now I see. My chains are gone I’ve been set free, amazing love unending grace.