I Didn’t Shave My Head Like Brittney. I Got Out!

Most won’t understand my testimony but for those that eyes to see and ears to hear this is for you.

How many of you have gotten favor for an amazing job only to have the Holy Spirit reveal it was a trap of the enemy? Well, this is my story. In a time I was looking for work I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize. Normally I let those calls go to voicemail first but this time I picked it up. He went so fast giving his pitch I barely understood what he was saying but he mentioned the call was for Tom and Christine. He was calling to tell me that my ex-husband and I had a cruise we didn’t take that he was offering for us to go. He had a very strong New York accent. I then told him I would take the cruise but I’m no longer with Tom. He broke it to me gently that it was not for singles only be for couples to look at timeshares. I then asked him what part of New York he was from because I recognized the accent. He instantly went into friend zone when New Yorkers connect in a different part of the country they end up clicking. I told him that I had once worked with a company with timeshares and that I was looking for work currently. He said that he could train me to help him to work as a team but he also had a friend that was a marketer that he would connect me with. I was excited instantly because I have been praying for work. But when we pray for work we should always check to see that this is the work that the Lord is bringing and not the enemy.

He gave me his friends number told me that he was a marketer that had been on Wall Street for over 32 years. I was very impressed anyone that worked on Wall Street would definitely know the market.

As soon as I got his friends number I called him to set up an appointment to meet. He was very energetic very professional and I couldn’t wait to meet him for my interview.

He had me meet him at a very prestigious hotel with no resume just casually meeting building a friendship. He told me he had a sales team and that he would love to have me come aboard. I explained that all I had to do was set up appointments he would do the sales pitch. I would get a cut for any client that I connected him to. I had so many in mind for business.

I had become friends with the assistant manager of a very high-end hotel. They were changing management so I thought what a great time to come in as a marketing team because most new management what be looking for new crews to work with.

We had several meetings and at that point my boss decided I needed to sign a contract. This contract was to ensure my loyalty to the marketing agency and that I would get my cut from whatever I brought in.

Being this was a very high-end hotel I could expect to make between 10,000 and 25,000 a month just from this one account. As a woman of God I thought this would be great for me to advance the kingdom. But in my spirit I had a check. I questioned the Lord should I be in contract with a non-believer? I went to an elder at my church he told me it was fine that greater was he that is in me then he that is in the world. It was all I needed to hear to sign that contract. But little did I know it was bait. You can gain the whole world and lose your soul.

I didn’t figure this out right away but after some time my boss needed me to fill his place in network marketing meetings. In those meetings I saw people that were on billboards in the very wealthy areas. I was hobnobbing with the elite. In this meeting I felt the Holy Spirit revealing to me this was some sort of Masonic ordinance. They all joined together to help each other’s businesses and would throw a little toy saying you just leveled up. Their relationship with each other was to build one another up in business it didn’t make a difference the religious background or the type of company they were in. If they had paid the thousand a month to be a part of this networking club no matter what they did they were in it together.

I immediately started to feel uncomfortable in that place. The card I had was made from a template off of my bosses card. He had a quote from Warren Buffett. I had remembered in my interview with him that he mentioned he had worked for Warren Buffett and helped him make 15 billion dollars. At this point I was very curious about this person Warren Buffett I knew he was a very wealthy man but was his wealth Illuminati? In my research I found he was. In my spirit I then knew the contract is signed with this company had made me an Illuminati too. I needed to repent right away I couldn’t be associated with this it’s satanic. No money is worth going to hell over. Many people in the music industry in any industry of the arts or anything that is making billions and millions of dollars are associated with these type of Illuminati Masonic ordinances and things of that nature. Yes you could be wealthy and being the kingdom of God but most people that are in the kingdom of God truly would give most away and not be wealthy. People of God live humbly practical and most of what they have is by favor and not by the mighty dollar.

I panicked I wondered what do I do? Should I just rip up the contract ask him to rip a his? In my prayers I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to tell him in my interview I mentioned I was working with faith-based films and that if it took me away from doing that I would have to pull away from helping him with his marketing.

I called a friend that was a business attorney and he told me that I could not rip up my contract so I had to write a letter to rescind which would mean that I was writing a letter to cancel out my contract. I called my boss to tell him I needed to cancel my contract with him in order to work with the marketing team for the faith-based films. He told me that was fine to send him the letter he would sign it and send it back to me. He did this sent it back right away with an electronic signature in email. I wasn’t able to do an electronic signature on my end. I woke up the next morning in my spirit felt the Holy Spirit telling me that that contract must be signed by both of us in pen. I called him and told him I didn’t have the capability to do electronic signature could he please sign the letter and mail it to me so I could sign it too. He said sure I’ll do that for you after a week or two the letter never came in the mail so I asked him if we could meet in person. He wouldn’t respond so I continued to email him and ask him would you please just let me go it meant so much to me to work with a faith-based films and it’s where my heart was. He finally agreed to meet with me. We signed the letter to rescind. I felt relieved but he put doubt saying are you sure you wrote this letter correctly? I said you’re a business person you would know about these type of things more than I would is it right or is it not if it isn’t why don’t we have your attorney drawn up for us? He said it’s fine it’s just that you put my name abbreviated where you need to put the full name. So we both crossed it out in pen initialed and corrected it.

Because he had me doubting whether this was good enough I had great anxiety over it. I called a business attorney to review it for me. He read the original contract the letter to rescind and said he believed it would hold up in court. My heart at that time was crying out to God lord your court is higher than this court here on Earth, is this acceptable to you? I felt a peace that I was finally free. But this was Illuminati and these people of great wealth are extremely dangerous people and not in any way someone in the kingdom of God should associate with.

When people figure out how they’ve been snared like I found they go to great extremes to get out. No one wants to make a deal with the devil. This is why Britney Spears shaved her head.

It opened up a spirit realm that was trying to make me spiritually dead. When I came out from among them I started to feel alive again. Born again free. No one in the Illuminati be that. Please pray for Britney. 🦋 If you are snared contact me I’ll pray with you to be free🕊️

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