Gone on the 4th of July

Seven years ago today I got the call from my youngest brother. It was right after saying to my boyfriend at the time I can’t believe Michael Jackson died. My ringer has never been on but I glanced over saw the call coming in and picked up. My brother said”Dads gone”. I said “you’re not funny that’s not something to joke with me about!” My brother is the kind that would joke around abut things but this time he wasn’t laughing and I could hear from his voice he was crying. I fell down against the door dropped my phone. My cruel boyfriend looked over at me and said I’m not going to hold you. He said “I warned You!” He was trading for the Olympics and his coach died of cancer. He tried to tell me my dad was dying because he lost his coach to cancer. I never thought for a million years God would allow that to happen to me. After all I prayed for the sick and believed in miracles. I was so far back slidden I had no idea that God was planning my Dads graduation to heaven. I couldn’t talk for hours from the shock I went numb. The reality was too hard for me to face. I’ll never be able to see my Dad again.

I had to go to work that day I was already filling in for a girl so there was no one to cover me. And was getting paid good money to represent Fios on the 4th of July holiday. With no way of flying out that night I worked and tried not to cry all day as a brand ambassador representing a company like Verizon it’s just not good to do. No body knew my pain they all saw the painted smile. I stuffed things down to carry on. I did this so well my grieving process took longer. That night my boyfriend took me out drinking I got blasted. We hung out by the pier and watched the fireworks. I looked up and said” Daddys watching all of this from heaven how cool is that.”

In months after I spoke with many people that lost a parent. Almost everywhere I went there was someone telling me they lost a Mom or Dad.  The week before my Dad passed Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahn, Michael Jackson and the infomercial guy decided to throw himself in to make it four people you heard of dying in a row. Lots of people passing  in abnormal numbers.

This was in 2009. I think no coincidence after the anti christ took office. Yes I identified him!  Being a Muslim, supporting homosexuality, abortion and not supporting Israel those are all things considered anti christ. Isn’t it interesting how someone could be Muslim and support homosexuality? Well everything he supports is so for me it was easy to identify. I believe his supporting abortion and lobbying for planned murder hood brought a curse over our land.

The 4th of July for me is not only a time of reflecting on my Dad. But on what’s happened to America. We all died too when we went under the power of anti christ. In deepest sorrow for my personal loss and our Countries too. America Bless God and repent please. It’s our only hope.




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  1. Hey, that made me cry. We will resurrect though . Trump must get in! There are evil people trying to stop our country from surviving. It’s not over yet!

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