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October 30th I came home from shopping and an 800 number was popping up on my phone. I picked it up and a recording started to play saying you spent $100 in Whole Foods Market, $65 Trader Joe’s and because it was a computer voice the only thing I heard next was $400 in Canada. Of course I pulled back the phone and looked at it like you’re crazy! I called the number back to speak with a customer service representative and they asked me if I was in a restaurant in Canada that afternoon. I said “Absolutely not how could I have possibly been when my last two transactions were done locally?”

It was brought to my attention by the customer service representative that a charge of $400 was made at a restaurant that day in Canada. They also informed me they did not process it because it looked suspicious. I asked them how was that possible when I had my ATM card in my hand? They said there’s a new scanner device that could be used up against my purse. But the person that scanned the card would never be able to use it again. I was like ok fine so we go on like it never happened have a good day! The Representative said ” We have to cancel your card and issue you a new one”  I said “No need the person can’t use my card but I can because it’s still in my possession. Their answer was we had to close it as soon as this happened. The pit of my stomach went into knots. I asked “Would this card you are sending have the new chip that is on all the cards from banks in the world?” They said “Yes it would have the chip” I said “No thank you I’m not following that system” The bank representative tried to persuade me but I refused.

Now why would I not to follow the rest of the world in this new bank system? I believe it is a part of New World Order.  And my biggest concern is it’s the mark of the beast explain in the bible.  Revelation 13:1717 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 

You won’t be able to buy or sell without it either in your head or on your forehead or from what I believe in this new card system too.  Please do your homework. here’s some videos explaining concerns like mine about these cards. Click on the blue to view – Chip implant concerns from 2014, ( I hope the man in the video meant kill the beast system) Scripture reference mark of the beast , credit card chip mark of beast system