Esau I Hated

Ever wonder why God hated him? Well, I think it was because he had everything in the kingdom of God, including eternal life and gave it up for satan. Esau to me represents a satanist or someone walking in their flesh, a reprobate following in their own way and God let’s them go. Sin pulls us away from God. So if you are living a sinful life you are no doubt away from God.

God and satan are two polar opposites. You must hate the one to love the other.

You’ll be hated by most because they worship the devil, some of them by default. The Bible says the believers will be persecuted. It’s from the ones leaning on their own understanding.

When you walk with God you walk in the spirit, live by faith. When you live in the flesh you live your life on your own without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The more you seek God the more he’s in your life. I think Esau was fornicating which God explicitly warns us is a mortal sin in which is very difficult to come back from. And he lived in a pattern of sin that lead him to the point of no return. God hates sin because it makes us slaves to the devil. But he hates it most of all because it may separate us from God eternally. There’s no grace for willful sin. Read Hebrews 10:26 to learn about grace. The blood will cover a multitude of sins but not anything you are doing willfully. So are you an Esau? Do you live in sin and live for you?

Does God hate you for giving up whats rightfully yours, eternity?